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All of your marketing needs handled by one company.

Your own dedicated 
marketing team
for the cost of hiring one employee.

Get people talking about your business with cutting edge marketing strategies, content and copy created uniquely for your business to ensure you stand apart from your competitors. Hire The Social Savvy to work with your personal team of marketers.

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How it Works

Meet your one stop shop

for efficient marketing

Creating story telling content to share your message.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
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Social Media Content

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Email Marketing

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Website Building

Click 'learn more' to view all of the services we offer at The Social Savvy. Interested in marketing on a platform that you don't see listed? Ask us about it!

Why TSS?

Work with a talented team of passionate, award winning marketers, at the same cost of hiring one employee.

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Not your average marketing agency.

We take pride in our communication and execution processes. 

Working with us will ensure open communication daily with no worry about deadlines being met. Our team of marketers will always strategize, preplan and optimize your content so you don't have to!



TSS is a growing, motivated, talented, social media marketing company who is 100% dedicated to help connect your business to you the people.


The TSS team has done a wonderful job marketing our products to the social media communities.  They have shown a genuine interest in our content, and continue to provide excellent service.  I would highly recommend to anyone looking to expand their following and make a name for their business.  


Their CEO is very hands on and extremely knowledgeable about how to put your business on the map. She works around the clock to make it happen. I would recommend them to all! 


Smart targeting

With The Social Savvy's ads team, you can rest assured your resources are spent wisely.

Performance-based targeting

Dynamic resources

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Relavant Video Content

Using our knowledge of epic design to match multiple platforms and formats.

TikTok Videos

Instagram Reels

Video Ads

YouTube Videos


From marketing integrations to powerful analytics - TSS has it all.

We have all of the tools and resources used to market and track our success.  We are happy to provide our clients with analytics and proven record of growth.

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The latest from The Social Savvy

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Our Clients

Why companies like TSS?

"I love working with such a professional and motivated team"

I hired The Social Savvy to film a video promotion for my real estate company and had the pleasure of working with these great people. I love working with such a professional and motivated team.

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TSS Client

Real Estate Sales Person

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