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Our Features

Scroll through the different services that we offer at The Social Savvy. Unsure of what feature your business needs? Speak to a TSS rep to help you get started!

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Social Media Marketing

Strategizing the best marketing plan for your business on digital platforms. We will help you set social media goals, solidify branding strategies and create content for your business' digital presence. This includes choosing the image/video to publish, writing the captions, adding the hashtags and choosing the post date and time. Once we create and publish your pre planned social media, we work to optimize and engage your audience to grow your following. 

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Website Design

Creating a user friendly experience for your customers to learn about your business. We take a 3 month approach to our website build ensuring that your brand message is clear and authentic. We will walk you through the functions needed, important information and fun features to involve in the build as we take you each step of the way. Our 3 month website build is a flat one time fee. For more elaborate websites, specific pricing will be given.

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Email Marketing

It is important to engage with your client email list to inform them of new events, products, sales or features added to your business. We handle all of the back end work of the email campaign process making your messaging simple. Our team will strategize key messages with you and draft campaigns to send to specific audiences. Once campaigns are sent, we will use the data and analytics to retarget campaigns and scale.

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Logo Design

Our talented graphics team is ready to create your dream logo. Set up a call with us today to discuss taking your vision and making it a reality with TSS logo design. We are able to provide any design elements such as logo, packaging, stationary, business cards and more. For specific sizing and file format requests, book a call with a savvy rep to discuss. 

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Paid Ads

Our TSS ads manager team will track and optimize all active social media ad campaigns. Our team will identify target audiences, key words and behaviors to ensure your advertisement is in front of the right eyes. We will walk you through each step of the ad campaign process to accomplish your marketing goals. 

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Public Relations

Traditional marketing is important to solidifying your brand presence and boosting your SEO. We offer different public relations packages that include media placemats, blog features,  article quotes and more. Talk to one of our savvy reps about PR packages and the best one for your business. 

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Photo/Video Shoots

We are excited to showcase everything your business has to offer and what better way then being on site with you taking photo and video content. We will strategize, plan and create trending video content to highlight your business and engage your followers.

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Blog Writing

We handle all creative aspects involving digital marketing even the writing! Our team will craft properly optimized blog posts to share on your website, highlight your key points and boost your search rankings.

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