In today’s day of age, it is super rare to see professionals who have only ever held positions at one company for their entire career (and kudos to those people for that impressive longevity). What is super common, though, is to see people hopping around to other companies when they hit a wall in growth, development, or simply interest. And that’s where we step in with our insight to you in that there are avenues to grow and explore your true passions outside your 9-5 job. We’re not advising you to leave corporate America and risk it all to pursue your interests, but we are definitely hinting at the start of a side hustle!

A side hustle can be as grand or humble as you’d like for it to be. Essentially, it’s a self-initiated project or entrepreneurial business move that you devote time and energy to outside of your career. You often hear of people joining side jobs or starting their own when they seek extra income, but we’re here to share with you how much more value these ventures can add to your development and overall happiness. As stated in a Medium article that supports our stance on the matter at hand, “a side hustle means more than just a bit of extra work and money. It means new learning experiences, new opportunities, and the ability to control your own personal growth.” And isn’t that something we all should be yearning for?

So, Why a Side Hustle?

Still unsure what benefits you’ll gain from branching out and experimenting with self-made opportunities? Read on to learn a few reasons on how we believe a side hustle can add unparalleled value to your life in both personal and professional realms.

  1. Satisfy Interests - You may have a nine to five job because it’s your absolute passion to work for the company you do and complete the work that accompanies your role. And if you are 100% satisfied with your occupation and it provides you all the interest and happiness in the world, then I congratulate you for finding that perfect fit. However, if you don’t fall into that category where every box is checked off, you’ve probably felt bored at work before or have realized that you are not pursuing what truly interests you in life. Readers who fall into the latter category, meet our friend “side hustle.” This is the perfect opportunity to chase activities that actually bring you joy and contribute to your overall happiness and satisfaction. Say your full time job is for a top accounting firm as a tax analyst, but you have always had a passion for photography and find that you’re happiest with a camera in hand. Incorporate that passion into your life and build a side hustle around it. Do not let that opportunity for true happiness and interest go untouched, but tap into it and work it into your life. Whether it’s only having time to snap pictures on the streets of the city over the weekend or being able to commit to freelancing wedding and special events photography, do something with your passion and do not let it slip away! When you meet your interests and build them into your lifestyle, you will find yourself happier and more complete.

  2. Enhance Current Skills - A part time activity can also boost your skill set immensely while adding new tricks up your sleeve. Take it from me, a woman who created her own travel blog as a side gig to her career in public relations. I combined my passion for adventuring to new cities and countries with my love for communications and photography to create a live blog for others to interact with. In writing posts bi-monthly and crafting copy for the affiliated social media accounts, I am actively enhancing basic written communications skills such as vocabulary and grammar, as well as, learning how to connect with target audiences through SEO and engagements. I’m pursuing creative elements that truly excite me and combining it with my love for traveling and in turn, my skill set is growing at an inexplicable rate. This is a first hand glance at how I am professionally benefitting from my side hustle, as I have become a stronger communicator and writer because of it.

  3. Resume Builder - No brainer. With your resume being the main source of self marketing for all of your career moves, it's important to highlight what you can bring to the table. Whether your side hustle directly or indirectly relates to your day job, it's a great addition to your resume as it shows a strong work ethic, unmatched dedication to ventures you're passionate about, and that you're a creative. Potential employers love to see these assets sprinkled on your professional profiles because it gives them more insight as to who you are as a person and what skills you utilize outside the 9-5 business day. Hint: if your side gig has a website, portfolio, or digital files showcasing your work, hyperlink it to your resume in a PDF version so that those who cross your resume can easily access it!

  4. Spark Creativity - You’ve heard people say going for a walk opens your mind and allows your creative juices to flow, right? Well, walking isn’t the only refresher that provides those benefits. New opportunities and any experience that brings you outside of your comfort zone will naturally broaden your perspective on a specific topic or on life itself. You will adopt new perspectives which will ultimately lead you to complete and conquer your daily tasks in more unique ways.

  5. Extra Cash - An obvious reason that shouldn’t be glanced over is that a side gig can help refrain you from being strapped for cash. As one of the few tangible benefits, the income you earn for your side hustle (if you choose to create a project for profit) will help your financial stability while also acting as a very real measurement of success. Since it’s not always simple to see how you are growing as a person or developing from an experience, the income you may earn from your side gig can be a great indicator of how you’re doing thus far and how you can build up from there.

  6. Improves Education & Value - You will become a more knowledgeable and well rounded individual once you pursue a side hustle, that is almost certain. From diving into a new experience, you will naturally learn more about that subject matter, as well as, how that niche information can play into other aspects of your life. Above all, whatever it is that you gain from chasing a new opportunity and pursuing a passion of yours will add to your professional value. Truly inspiring leaders love to see their employees follow their interests and do nothing but great things with their lives outside of work. They enjoy hearing about how you’re a self taught pianist and play for a local restaurant; that you are so talented at painting that you sell artwork at a gallery in the city; that you’ve always wanted to run a 4 minute mile so you trained tirelessly until you hit that mark. People are interested in and inspired by other people, and they want to hear about what makes you the interesting individual that you are. People want you to achieve your goals as much as you do, so show them your priceless and amazing value!

Overall, we cheer for you. We want you to succeed in all avenues of your life. We are rooting for your happiness and growth. We are here to inspire you to live your life to the fullest and chase all your dreams and passions, no matter how crazy they may seem. So, enough reading and start doing! We wish you all the best in your exciting endeavors.

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